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Australia is the only country to require blood testing for Ehrlichia Canis & due to the high incidence rate in Indonesia,Malaysia,Thailand,Phillipines,Vietnam & most other asian regions, Fur Baby Pet Relocations insists on this blood test being performed prior to us accepting your fur baby for relocation, we can arrange this test for you.
Your pet might not have shown any signs of this illness or had Ehrlichia Canis without you even knowing, unfortunately Australian Quarantine test for the anti-bodies & not the actual infection!
If your fur baby fails this blood test, you will have to make the extremely difficult decision to abandon your planned relocation or adopt a strategy treatment, treatment is a highly debated topic & with very little research with no clear methods that guarantee removal of the anti bodies, we have moved pets who have passed within 3 months of beginning treatment but still have some pets who have been undergoing treatment for 2 years or unfortunately no magic wand.
Please contact Wayne Bayliss at [email protected]com for further information on this very important note if unsure.

'It is vitally important that the planning of relocating  your fur baby to Australia starts at least 6 months prior to your preferred date'

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Australia and New Zealand are far more complicated than any other country, BUT!!! with our Australian and Oceania Manager, Wayne Bayliss, we can handle your pet relocation with a minimum of stress.

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