Our latest news on pets on the move.

Poppy the pretty Bali dog finally reunited with her Mom Pamela, after a long journey from Jakarta straight to Shanghai.

Poppy The Bali Dog

After a quick 7 days hassle free quarantine, it was a lovely reunion for both.
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Kaki, Kuping and Lilz, now officially ex Bali dogs have started their 7 month journey from Jakarta to Perth. Currently in sunny Penang where they will be boarded for the regulatory 60 days while undergoing specific blood test to comply with Australian import rules. They will then begin their 10,000km journey- 6,500km from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne and 3,500km from Melbourne to Perth. Talkabout racking up some serious mileage!! Do watch this space for more updates on the Fantastic 3!!

Kaki, Kuping and Lilz, now officially ex Bali dogs







Say hello to Mac and Jax!!! These beautiful dogs are heading for an

adventure of a lifetime ????

Coming in from China and heading on to New Zealand, they will make a 6 month pit stop in the sunny?? island of Penang to comply with New Zealand regulations. Here they will be cared for and showered with lots of love and also undergo compulsory blood testing that is sent to the UK before they move to the second part of their journey
Snub nose dogs are quite difficult to move as very few airlines take them. However, if you have a snub nose breed, do feel free to drop us a message and we will answer all your questions on how to take your fur babies with you.

Mac & Jax – New Zealand Bound.

Purrrrrfect travel plans for Paprika & Milky – destination Bordeaux, France

2 beautiful cats ‘Paprika’ & Milky Way waiting for their relocation by air cargo door to door from Bali ,Indonesia to Paris & pet taxi to Bordeaux , France,  where their mum is awaiting themhandled totally by Fur Baby Pet Relocations .

www.furbabypetrelocations.com specialist worldwide pet relocation services. Contact us to arrange or enquire about a pet relocation for your fur family.

Paprika and Milky

Icey and Zali their journey begins.

Icey & Zali just having the Rabies vaccinations as the first step in their 6 month journey to Auckland NZ from Indonesia, the majority of this time will be spent in our Malaysian transit facility whilst we comply with all the requirements by NZ Quarantine.

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